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Toby Bartolic: ERISA Mascot

Toby brings a unique blend of instincts to hunt down defendants, and protect the Firm’s clients.  He combines his resourcefulness and resilience of his Labrador Retriever heritage with the speed and determination of his Greyhound origin.  At an early age, he showed his protective instincts in “rescuing” family from the vacuum cleaner, which he honed to now protect ERISA claimants.  Toby brings a “big picture” approach to clients’ cases, refusing to allow minutia to side-track him (unless the minutia is a meal or a trip outside).


Toby is originally from Kentucky, and brings his Southern hospitality to the office.  He is always the first to greet a visitor with a wagging tail.  He’s extra hospitable when the visitor brings something edible.



Michael Bartolic Partner

Michael Bartolic: ERISA Litigation Attorney Michael Bartolic represents executives, managers and other professionals in all aspects of ERISA litigation, and with respect to executive compensation and benefits. He represents executives and directors, managers, brokers, traders, investment advisors, attorneys, physicians, educators, and other employees in ERISA § 502 litigation over a denial of a claim for benefits, and breaches of fiduciary duty. He is devoted to helping employees […]

Michelle Roberts Bartolic Partner

Michelle Roberts Bartolic: ERISA Litigation Attorney Since 2005, Michelle Roberts Bartolic has been a successful advocate for disabled individuals and employees. Ms. Roberts specializes in claims for benefits under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), specifically claims for disability benefits. Ms. Roberts Bartolic has helped numerous clients obtain short and long-term disability benefits from insurance companies that had wrongfully denied their claims. Distinctions Ms. Roberts Bartolic […]

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